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Ref. No SA0592-DBB
1 x Brukner Rope Bleaching and Washing Range
Type : Delphine D16 | YOC : 1999-2000 | Delivery Time : Immediate |

Installed 1999 and commissioned March 2000 Suitable for rope bleaching of terry towel or other knitted fabrics Scray, 10 station Dosing, 16 compartment Self cleaning system ( heat exchanger,pumps,tanks)With separate E & L Stainless Steel Detwisting range 1800mm, Straightening Bath Plaiting, Stainless piping, Roca Heat Exchanger

Ref. No SA06102-DBG
1 x Goller Bleaching Plant
YOC : 1984 | Width : 78inch | Delivery Time : Immediate |

Entry scray, Pre washing = 3, Steamer capacity = 2000 mtrs. Post wash boxes; 5, Exit scray, Batching system on exit. Maximum Speed= 100 mtrs./ minute, Entry scray Pre washing = 2. (20 mtrs. Fabric content), Chemical Saturator= 1(20 mtrs. fabric content), Maximum Steamer capacity = 3000 mtrs. Post wash boxes= 5, Cylinder dryers= 20 (Dia = 800 mm), Exit scray and Batching system on exit.

Ref. No SA08677-DBG
1 x Goller Continuous Bleaching Range
YOC : 2005 | Width : 3200mm |

over feeding Jskray entry with E+L cloth guider type kf 20/20 air pneumatic, three post wash, One chemical reaction washing tank with heavy pad squeezer automatic dosing system with metring pump, one scavering bleaching chamber type roller bed approximately 3000m  fabric capacity, After scavering chamber 5 hot wash box with 20 cylinder drum dryer independent each cylinder motor drive with ac invertor drum dia 800mm, Exit with batcher machine automatic water feeding and air control drain system wall and total pipe line by SS, Machine heat sources saturate steam with heat exchanger, heat exchanger 12inch by 16ft heat exchanger size, Machine total steam indirect coil system with steam condensate all wash box, Machine temperature control air pneumatic system control wall,  approximately machine production 1,25,000m per day 

Ref. No SA03261-DBK
1 x Kusters Continious Bleaching Range
YOC : 2004 | Width : 3200mm | Delivery Time : Immediate |

Made in Germany, Face Width:3400mm, working width:3200mm, Prodution speed: 70 Meter/Min, Technical Speed: 100Meter/Min, Water Pressure: 2.0-2.5 Bar, Steam: 2.0-2.5 Bar, Required Cmpressed Air:7.0Bar, Fabric Weight: 70 - 250gsm