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Rieter Blowroom with Rieter C70 Carding Machines


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Complete Rieter Blowroom Line with 10 x Rieter C70 carding machines. Details below.


Rieter Blowroom with Rieter C70 Carding Machines

Blowroom: (origin: Switzerland)

Rieter Made Blowroom: Year: 2013 with the following machines:

Rieter Uniflock A11 (2013). Rieter Uniclean B12 (2013). Rieter Unimix B76 (2013). Rieter Unimix B17 (2013), Rieter Uni Store A79. Rieter Condenser A21. Trutzschler SPF-PU contamination sorter. Rieter B60 (Year: 2003) Transport fans & Electric Panels


Rieter Carding Machines: Origin Switzerland

Model: C70. Year: 2013 (8 machines). 2015 (2 machines). Chute Feed, Auto Can Changer, Auto Leveller, Can Size: 40 x 48, IGS (integrated Grinding System for Cylinder),  No. of Licker-in: 1, St. Flat on front: 2, St. flats on back: 4

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